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Our Garden Pod has been created to be flexible and affordable and can be used for any purpose. Whether its just some extra living space that you need or a garden office, or an all year round workshop, this room can be adapteed to suit all needs.

With medium DIY skills this is a stright forward build as full step by step instructions and online video will ease you through the process.

What you Get....

1. The Pod measures 3mtr x 3mtr externally and has a floor area of 8.4 square meters internally.

2. It's built from steel sandwhich panels which are 100mm thick for the walls and 80mm ribbed steel sandwich panels     for the roof. These panels offer excellent thermal retention properties, so you can use it all year round and your     

    heating bills for the winter will be minimal.

3. The floor is constructed from C24 hi-grade timber joists subframe with 60mm thick foil backed insulation boards

    layed in between the joists. On top of this a 22mm thick moisture resistant tongue and groove caber chipboard

    floor is added to the timber subframe.


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