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We take great pride in our garden room builds and construct them utilising the most up to date materials available on the market today. We also have sourced modern day components to make our garden rooms virtually maintenance free.

Walls and Roof Construction

We construct our garden rooms using SSIP's - Steel Structural Insulated Panels for the walls and roof.

The walls have a 100mm thick PIR insulation and the roofs have 80mm. All wall panels interlock in

a tongue and groove system and all roof panels overlap with their built in ridge lines to form a strong water tight roof.

The Steel content is galvanised during the manufacuring process and then all topped off with a primmer coat of paint and top coat of polyuethane paint.

PIR is a widely-used shorthand term for 'polyisocyanurate' which provides us with one of the most

thermally efficient commonly available insulation materials in the industry today. Like other organic

materials, it is composed of complex hydrocarbon chains.

These steel structural panels are very strong and can span upto 6mtrs without any extra support

Base Frame and Floor

The base frame to our summerhouse are constructed of high quality treated timber known as C24.

This type of timber has been graded to a higher standard than C16. It's a premium piece of timber

that can handle higher loads and wider spans. C24 grade can only be achieved by importing timber

from areas where the climate forces a slower growth rate and hence a tighter grain.

Our base frames are so constructed that non of the timber comes into contact with the ground

thus preventing damp tracking into the timber. Our base frames are mainly supported on steel

galvanised posts called ground screws. The cost and installation of our ground screw foundations

system is included in our price of our garden room.


To continue with our hi-spec insulation build, we install 50mm double foil backed insulation board between our joist to offer further insulation to our cosy garden rooms.


Doors and Windows

Our doors and windows all come with a 10 year guarantee and are selected from local suppliers with assured quality. We have a wide range of designs to suit your particular project and these are selected at the design process stage.

Electrical Installation

All our electrical installations are installed by fully qualified electricians and are fully tested and certified upon completion. What we can offer is a wide variety of lighting, ranging from LED colour changing effect lighting to ambient mood lighting operated via your mobile phone, the choice is all yours.

If entertainment is your thing we can install hard wired Wifi to service your TV, Sound System or to serve as an online office connection.

Heating and Cooling

With our garden rooms being very thermal efficient we find the most effective and inobtrusive form of heating is electric underfloor heating with thermostatic controls operated from your phone.

External Cladding

We have a range of Composite Cladding that carries the look of natural wood very effectively and carries a 15 year guarantee. This type of cladding requires zero maintanence so no wood preseve application job every 2 years.

The Fitout

The interior fitout or as we call it "the nice bit" of the project where we dress the garden room to your desired taste. This can be all designed in the early stages of the design and build process, or can be a better option once the room is built and you feel the size.

We can plasterboard and skim the walls and ceilings or we can offer a range of wall claddings. We can design and install a feature wall which include TV, shelving, lighting, sound system, and even a flame effect fire. The one thing  we do get asked for the most,is for us to build your very own Bar, what better way to enjoy your garden room!


Whether its laminate flooring, vinyl strips or ceramic tiles but to name a few, we can supply and install whatever fits your needs.

Our garden rooms are  tailormade to your design and specification, so whatever style you would like your summerhouse to be, we can make it happen by turning your garden dreams into a reality.

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